Aidan Fisher is an actor and musician originally from Omaha, Nebraska; currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Aidan is a guitarist for hire. If you are looking for a hired gun, reach out to check availability.

Aidan began taking piano lessons at the age of six at a local music store. At the age of seven, Aidan began lessons on the bass guitar when a School of Rock franchise opened in his hometown. After about six months on the bass, Aidan transitioned to the electric guitar where he continues to write and perform.

Aidan first performed live at the age of 9 when he played a very basic rendition of the National Anthem on guitar for a crowd of roughly 8,000 at an Omaha Storm Chasers Minor League Baseball game.

The majority of Aidan’s musical inspiration and influence come from the great rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s to include Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Kiss, and along with many others.

While Aidan has always had a love for music, Axl Rose would have to be credited for his high level of motivation to further learn and perform. This motivation came from Aidan attending a Guns ‘N Roses concert with his father on June 2nd, 2013 in Kansas City. Aidan was randomly invited by Axl to join the band on stage to end the show. Aidan stood with the band to bow to the crowd and he got a little taste of what a rock star feels like. Upon returning to Omaha, Aidan picked up his guitar and did not put it down for the rest of that summer.

Aidan was driven by the motivation from the Guns ‘N Roses experience, he began studying the techniques of Eddie Van Halen through books and YouTube videos as he has been inspired by the sounds and solos of this Rock-n-Roll legend. On his own, Aidan committed to learning Van Halen’s “Eruption” by studying YouTube videos. Aidan’s progress can be seen through documented videos posted on his own YouTube channel.

Once achieving his goal of learning “Eruption” virtually note for note, Aidan’s father found a way to reward him for his effort and commitment. They started a project guitar where an old MIM Fender Strat was painted to resemble Eddie Van Halen’s “Frankenstrat."

Another idea Aidan’s father had was to find an opportunity for Aidan to perform on a real stage through a real PA system so Aidan could hear and feel what it was really like to be a “Rockstar.” Knowing Steel Panther’s lead singer Ralph Saenz and guitarist Russ Parrish were formerly members of a Van Halen tribute band, and the fact that Steel Panther was known to be very interactive with the crowd (often times bringing guests out of the crowd to join them on stage,) Aidan’s father thought Steel Panther would be a perfect fit for his idea.

December 19th, 2013 Steel Panther performed at the Midland Theater in Kansas City, Missouri. The plan was to get to Kansas City early, check into the hotel, be first in line at the venue, get to the front row, and have Aidan show a sign to the band with the hopes they would give him the opportunity to come up and make some noise. Tickets were purchased, a hotel was booked, and a sign stating “I Challenge Satchel to a guitar solo” was made.

Aidan and his father arrived in Kansas City late in the morning and checked into the hotel. Upon checking in, the receptionist asked what brought them to Kansas City. Aidan’s father replied “We are here for a concert.” The receptionist said “you mean that 80’s band? You just missed them here in the lobby.” Once checked in and settled in their room, Aidan and his father went to get some lunch. Knowing the band was also staying in the hotel, they decided to bring the “I challenge Satchel” sign thinking they can get it autographed if they happen to run into the band. As Aidan and his father descended to the lobby in the elevator, the elevator car stopped; at that moment Aidan’s father said to him “wouldn’t it be cool if Satchel got on the elevator right now?” To much of both of their surprise, Satchel (Russ Parrish) did step into the elevator. Satchel was not in character at the time and Aidan did not recognize him. However, Aidan’s dad did and said to Aidan “show this guy your sign and see what he thinks”. Russ seemed to get a kick out of the sign; he was quite kind and made such a great impression on Aidan. After talking for a few moments and getting a photo, Aidan’s father asked Russ to autograph the sign; in which Russ replied “just bring it to the show tonight and I will talk with the other guys about getting him on stage.” Shocked and excited, Aidan and his father had lunch before being first in line at the venue. It should be noted that Satchel had no idea if Aidan could play the guitar or not.

After several hours of waiting in line, Aidan and his father made it to the front row for the show. About half way through the show, Satchel told a story about a kid he met on the elevator earlier in the day. He said the kid kept asking to play his guitar “so let’s get him up here”. Satchel placed the guitar over Aidan’s head which due to the strap length was hanging down to Aidan’s knees. Rather than making adjustments to the strap, guitar tech Kurt brought a chair out for Aidan to sit on. Aidan started playing and based on the reactions and expressions of the band, they were blown away to say the least. As Aidan finished playing “Eruption”, lead singer Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz) told Aidan to play “You Really Got Me” in which the entire band joined in. Ironically, Aidan and his father had already discussed ahead of time to go from “Eruption” right into “You Really Got Me” in the hopes that the band would join in. This whole event was captured on video and has been viewed on YouTube and other social media well over 100 million times.

Aidan has since been a prime performer of the National Anthem on guitar at events around the United States. In addition to numerous local events, Aidan has performed the National Anthem for many music festivals and professional sporting events to include the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA and NASCAR. In 2016, Aidan performed the National Anthem at the BFD16 music festival in Dallas Texas before he joined Rock Band "Drowning Pool" on stage for the performance of their iconic hit song "Bodies".

Aidan has since played guitar in numerous bands and has also participated in several projects with the O'Keefe Music Foundation out of Cincinnati, OH.

Aidan relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2020 where he continues to pursue opportunities in music, television, and film. Check him out in Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 9 on Netflix where he doubles for Joseph Quinn as "Eddie Munson" and shreds Metallica's "Master of Puppets" on the guitar!